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Vegetable Gardens and Poultry Farming - Haiti

In the wake of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the food security of many families, already inconsistent prior to the disaster, was weakened even further. To bring some nutritional stability to 40 families, the Sisters of the Ministers of the Infirm developed and implemented a micro-project that would allow families to create vegetable gardens and raise poultry.

Many families were enthusiastic about the poultry farming more so than the gardens due to the low risk and almost guaranteed results, However with the support of the Sisters, the community was able to successfully grow vegetables as well as raise poultry.

Here are some success stories from participants in these projects:


Mr. René, 72 years of age, has always dreamed of having his own vegetable garden and was committed to watering his vegetables everyday knowing the importance of it.

Mrs Dadu, mother of 6 children, has consulted her neighbors to improve her vegetable for the next harvest season.

Mr. Jelen, father of 4 children, harvested nine (9) small pumpkins and took only two pumpkins for his family sharing the rest with his neighbors.

Mrs. Josette, mother of 5 children, shared the harvested corn that she worked hard to cultivate all season with all her neighborhood.


One Sister expressed the success of the project in such eloquent words:

Certainly, with this work, the people will not be materially rich but a little economic improvement in the family is always a source of serenity. Moreover, they can improve their primary duty in caring for their children. What matters most is the growth as a person, in self-confidence, in fundamental values. It is an ongoing commitment to accompany the family on the educational journey so that the children may grow up in love and with a responsibility to protect, to care and to improve the condition of mother earth who always nourishes us generously.

-Sr. Uraiwan Sasong

Superior, Sister Ministers of the Infirm

Production & Sale of Local Cake – Haiti

As weakened as the community’s food security was after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, their financial security was almost entirely destroyed. Many in the community grew crops and raised livestock to earn money to support their families but most lost all after the disaster.

The Sister Ministers of the Infirm, with the support of CADIS, developed a program to train and empower women in the production and sale of a local doughnut-like cake called “Coquinole”. 15 women from a local group called “Chache Lavi” (Seeking Life) were given training and the initial materials to produce the cake. They were supported in the sale of the cake as well so that they could finance the production of the cakes with the funds earned from the first round of sales. The ultimate goal being for these women to become self-sustaining in the running of this small business.


Ebola Response Program – Sierra Leone

In Spring 2014 an Ebola outbreak occurred in Western Africa, specifically in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone with over 14,000 confirmed cases and over 3,000 deaths in Sierra Leone alone ( (WHO, 2017).

With the support of CADIS, the Holy Spirit Hospital of the Diocese of Makeni and Camillian Task Force – India implemented a four-part program in 2014/2015:

• to better diagnose the disease and take care of those who are suffering

• to support and train medical staff at the Holy Spirit Hospital in the diagnosis, prevention and containment of the Ebola and other highly contagious diseases

• to train and provide support to the Diocese of Makeni’s Task Force in their goal to mobilize resources and educate the community on preventing the spread of Ebola and other diseases.

• to conduct psycho-social and pastoral care of the survivors of the outbreak in terms of the trauma and stigma associated with having contracted the disease.

Although the outbreak in Sierra Leone is not currently at its height, continuing to educate, train and counsel medical personnel and the community affected by this horrible disease is of utmost importance. CADIS will continue to provide support to our Camillian Religious and the community at large in Sierra Leone to help mitigate the spread of Ebola.


Uttarakhand National Disaster – India

On June 16, 2013, the heaviest rainfall on record lashed India’s Himalayan region of Uttarakhand forcing glacier lakes and rivers to overflow and inundate towns and villages in 168 districts at about 37,000 square kilometer area. The state of Uttarakhand has been experiencing heavy rains continuously for 2 days and the downpour has caused flash floods and landslides and caused the destruction of houses, roads, communication and transportation. According to unofficial reports damage to life has reached around 14,000 deaths and recently, authorities say that the 5,748 people registered as missing are now “presumed dead” – making the disaster the deadliest ever in the Himalayas. (Camillian Task Force India, 2017)


With the support of CADIS, CTF India mobilized emergency relief efforts in terms of food and medical supplies as well as care. CTF India was able to provide medical and food support to 9,431 victims during the first phase of the project. Then in early 2014 the second phase of the project was implemented which focused on rebuilding shelters, infrastructure such as roads and bridges and helping families to rebuild their livelihoods.


Typhoon Pablo Emergency Feeding Program – Philippines

On December 4, 2012 Typhoon Pablo (Bopha) hit the large southern island of Mindanao killing over 1,400 people and leaving over 200,000 displaced and without shelter. Many livelihoods were destroyed leaving families with little money to buy food. In response to this dire situation, Camillian Task Force Philippines of the St. Camillus Hospital in Mati implemented an emergency feeding program in the Davao Oriental region for 1,500 children of various faiths. Using volunteer catechists to prepare and distribute the meals using Manna Packs (highly nutritional, rice and potato food packs) donated by the Assisi Foundation and Caritas Manila, the project provided meals every day in the month of May 2013.

This project was the first of its kind implemented by CTF Philippines but as a result of its success, more have been implemented successfully in the Davao Oriental parish areas.

Completed projects