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Fighting Child Malnutrition

New Project in Haiti

In the final months of 2018, our focus has been on our plans for future projects. With two projects in Haiti coming to an end in December, we have been looking to continue our work and presence there. We know that the most vulnerable people in a community are children and data shows that, in Haiti 1 in 5 children age 0 to 5 years suffer from malnutrition.

Therefore, in June 2019, with our partners Foyer St. Camille Hospital and the Sister Ministers of the Informed in Haiti, CADIS USA will launch a nutrition program to aid mothers of children ages 0-5 and pregnant women to gain access to care, knowledge, and skills in treating and preventing malnutrition. This program will have an initial phase of 10 months where 50 women and their families will participate in the following:

• Diagnosis and treatment of severe acute malnutrition (SAM) at Foyer St. Camille.

• An education program run by a nurse educator that gives the participants the ability to recognize symptoms of SAM, how to access treatment, as well as nutrition and breastfeeding classes.

• Participants will be taught the skills and given guidance in planting a vegetable garden and caring for it through harvest.

Once we have completed this 10-month initial program phase and find that the program has made progress for our 50 mothers, we hope to replicate it with a larger group of participants.

We are humbled to be partners with these remarkable women in their journey to give the best start to their children’s lives.

Look for updates on this project this Summer!