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"Grounded in the love and mercy of Jesus, with St. Camillus in our hearts, we promote and inspire the development of community-based integral health programs for the well-being of disaster-stricken communities through compassionate, competent and coordinated interventions."


CADIS envisions fullness of life in a resilient community. (Cf. John 10:10)

one world.

one mission.

To witness to the merciful love of Christ through service to the poor and sick


Camillian Disaster Service USA (CADIS USA) fulfills in our day the high ideals and original charism which so moved St. Camillus de Lellis to found our order in 1582.  Through its disaster relief efforts, our organization witnesses to the merciful love of Jesus by serving the pastoral, medical, psychological and humanitarian needs of those affected by natural and man-made disasters.  These victims most often are those who are most vulnerable:  the poor, children and the elderly.

Located in Milwaukee, WI, CADIS USA is the United States branch of Camillian Disaster Service International (CADIS) - the global disaster relief network of the Catholic Order of the Ministers of the Infirm. This network includes religious members as well as lay men and women who are healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, dentists, midwives, community health workers, pharmacists); pastoral care agents (trauma and HIV counselors; those who visit the sick; chaplains); students, translators and other people committed to providing humanitarian support (food, clothing, logistics). CADIS also partners with the local diocese and parishes, the local government, NGOs and other humanitarian organizations, as well as the local community in which the project resides. By making these partnerships a priority, we believe that positive outcomes for our projects are increased and the results are better sustained by the community once the project is complete.



    In present day, the symbol of a red cross represents compassionate care and service to those who are in need but many may not be aware that it’s origin began with St. Camillus de Lellis.

    Born in Italy in 1550 to an aging, devout mother and an absent, mercenary father, Camillus de Lellis’ early life was turbulent and plagued with a pension for gambling and fighting just as his father before him. However, after his father’s death, Camillus began his journey toward a more devout life. During his 20s, Camillus has tried multiple times without success to be admitted to a Franciscan monastery but was turned away due to an open wound on his leg that would not heal. After his final attempt, Camillus returned to St. James Hospital in Rome, where he had worked and received care periodically in prior years, as the superintendent. Through his work at St. James, Camillus observed that those caregivers who administered to patients out of love provided the best treatment. These observations led him to believe that priests should be involved in service to the sick and so he was ordained in 1584 and began recruiting priests and lay men into a group that would become the Ministers of the Infirm (or the Order of St. Camillus). The members of the Order were and are distinguished by wearing a red cross on their clothing and by their 4th vow “To serve the sick, even with danger to one’s life”.

    CADIS is inspired by the heroic commitment of the Camillians in witnessing the corporal and spiritual works of mercy during the massive plagues, epidemics and wars in Italy and Hungary - the so-called Festivals of Charity of the 16th-17th centuries. Hundreds of Camillians died while assisting the people in the plague-stricken areas. The Camillians vowed to promote the new “School of Charity” (caring for the sick like a mother caring for her only child both corporally and spiritually) which St. Camillus founded. The corporal and the spiritual works of mercy stand as the primary purpose and the fundamental charism of the “new school of charity of St. Camillus.

    Today, the Camillians are engaged in the healthcare ministry of the Church in 37 countries in Europe, Africa, Americas and Asia.



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What we Do


We deliver and conduct immediate relief services to survivors of natural and non-natural disasters by providing food and non-food items, supporting the medical, psycho-emotional and spiritual needs.


We assist survivors to rebuild their families and communities by restoring and improving what has been lost and destroyed such as livelihood, shelter and social cohesion in their community.


We strengthen and build people's capacities and improve their social condition that will enhance self-protection and rebuild community assets to protect them from adverse impacts of disasters.


We long for an enduring impact and transformation to the lives of the vulnerable families and communities by nurturing their consciousness to the fundamental rights and obligations to protect the individual, community and our "common home".




When you donate to CADIS USA, you can be confident that your information is secure. CADIS USA never sells or rents the personal information of its donors. We cherish your special relationship with us and through us, to the desperate victims of man-made and natural disasters.


Thank you very much for being open to the generous love of God that He pours into every willing heart! God bless you!

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Planned Giving

Thank you for considering naming Camillian Disaster Service USA (CADIS USA) as a beneficiary of your will or trust. A gift through your estate ensures that your commitment to helping the victims of disaster repair and rebuild their lives will continue beyond your lifetime, having a lasting impact on CADIS USA’s work to serve those in need.


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Do you hear the call to serve?

Serving the sick as a physician, nurse, chaplain, technician, social worker, therapist, administrator, or other allied healthcare profession is challenging, rewarding and vitally important work. For some men this work is a vocation - a call to fulfill themselves by serving the sick as a member of a religious community. For these men, the common mission is the opportunity to serve the sick while growing personally and spiritually as they transcend immediate material needs and find meaning in their lives by making a difference.

Throughout the world The Order of St. Camillus has an action-filled apostolate; it is a demanding call to action on some of the most dangerous, impoverished fronts of society. But Camillians know the special rewards of an incarnate spirituality: they see God in the people they serve.

To learn more about vocations check out the Order of St. Camillus USA's page here.

one world.

one mission.



When you donate to CADIS USA, you can be confident that your information is secure. CADIS USA never sells or rents the personal information of its donors. We cherish your special relationship with us and through us, to the desperate victims of man-made and natural disasters.


Thank you very much for being open to the generous love of God that He pours into every willing heart! God bless you!